Day dreaming

I always tried to focus my mind to positive things. But it had been awhile since I accomplished it. I spoiled my mind day dreaming about what I wanted to become and who to be with. I thought about anything and anyone. I sink to central point of the unreal.

Mostly, it happened when I was thinking about her. I was caught by her gravity since we first met. It pulled me closer to her even I wanted to fly away and saved myself. i was worried, maybe, because I expected too much lately. Love was a give and take relationship. But the feeling of being the only one who cared and loved was draining my heart into waste. I just hoped everything would be back on track again.

Even I wrote my feelings in just words; I knew it would never hear. I had always been at the other side of this journey. My heart kept urging me to love unhurriedly. Stay calm and positive for dream was meant to become real. I must dwell in her arms forever. I had to be sincere.

Though I knew things were far away from the reality. Those remarks were encrypted in my mind. As she always said that it wasn’t the time for us to be together.

It didn’t hold my mind at ease for past eight months. I just kept on waiting in my chances to come and thinking about great blessing we would achieve together. And I believe that someday God would prepare us a great morning; a morning that sipped the coffee of distress.


One thought on “Day dreaming

  1. unknown says:

    stay positive…

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