Define love

Mind Healer Rose Anne Reaño Edition n_n

(By Jonathan’s Request)

Define love?

NoO, coz everybody already has their own definition. And after all, it will end like definition is not that important at all. Love is not a word to be defined.

Know what?

God is Love…

This answers all of the questions I asked about love. These three words define everything in my life. This gives me strength and keeps my worries away. Because of this I feel full of love…Knowing this inspires me. This is the very reason why I’m alive. It satisfies me…giving me peace of mind.

Just wanna share my favorite love song:

“I’ll sing to you Lord a hymn of love for your faithfulness to me,

I’m carried in everlasting arms; you’ll never let me go through it all…”

Maybe I don’t have the right to say religious matters. I’m not perfect. I have so many sins. I’m not that religious. I sometimes skip Sunday Mass. I don’t read the Bible and still not a big fan of it. I would sometimes prefer to be a Christian than a Catholic.

But I’m a very very very proud son of the Lord. I will sacrifice everything for him. I’m his servant. I’ll do whatever he pleases…

Think. This is not a mind healer. It’s a mind breaker.

Think of God’s love.

Find it. Feel it.  And you’ll feel what true happiness is. n_n


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