one shot! one love

There’s a time when you feel in love again even you cant totally get over to someone else. It’s crazy to feel this way. It’s disgusting to rip the gift knowing that inside your heart wants to cover it.
one shot!
do you have this feeling to fight to something that will makes you happy? This shot takes you to the spot where chance to be with someone you love is possible. you will never have regret if you try.
Christmas is coming and you just have to let your emotions go. Love as if it is promised to you forever. It’s seemed that you must be controlled with your feelings just to be confident to take a step forward. Are you afraid of being neglected? What if the result is not your expectation. And your worries hold and hug you down in hell.
Do you trust Lord Jesus Christ? Then, don’t be scared to live your life. He is always there for you. Remember, hell is just a garbage hole for anybody who sin against the Lord. Yet, God is willing to recycle His children to be used again by someone needs them more. Put in your heart and soul that being afraid reduce faith. All that matter is to be a blessing to someone you love.
one love!
Sometimes, your mind cant dictate your body’s movement even it decides numerous time. your neuron can’t bring information to your brain. It is like being comatose in the rest of day. Though, some point in your life that you have to choose to give all up. Maybe, it won’t hurt much right because you’re not expecting anymore in return. However, why are still have to assess your emotions? it’s obvious that it can’t be decide alone. and you have only left a choice: go to the church and hear God’s voice for advice. right?
“tell to your family,  friends and someone special to you that you love them before it’s too late. It is about tonight. God’s judgement is near but we don’t need to be  in fear. Our Father will judge us according to our faith. Life is real. God is within our heart.”
One love is suffice to full our hungry soul. Nonetheless, we still search for someone who will save us in loneliness. Maybe, this is the time that you just have to look around and feel the warm air in its grace! You’ll see its LOVE!

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