same some: all folds

I am a big fun of origami. I am amazed on how they transform a plain paper to a spectacular masterpiece.

I observe that they fold one part of the paper to have a mark for future purpose. Every fold is important and must be considered carefully. So there must be great focus to learn its secret.

My curiosity brings me in front of the computer to watch a video of origami in YouTube. I try to learn what’s behind those little pieces. After I finish watching the clip, I take a piece of paper to execute what I’ve seen. It’s quite hard to master the instruction in the video. I need to pause a second in order to follow and make an accurate folds.

I have realized something after I’ve make my first origami.

And it goes like this…

We are like an origami. And life is like that plain paper. We fold it according to what God instruct us. Some follow the right fold. Some mistakenly flip the parts. Some have same goal in life. Some have same fold to imitate others. Even though we are under this same some circumstances, we shall remember that life with unique fold touches the eyes of the Lord.

I believe that when we know what kind of folds fit in our paper, a great masterpiece will surely sprout in the world of origami. Let us give a new meaning to this beautiful art. It’s not just like a paper folding thing. Origami is all folds where we vow our whole faith to the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Get up! Fold it! Let me see on how you will accomplish the right fold of life. We must be the Blessed some who have same faith.


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