Why is the size of my feet too small?

As I listened to Eminem’s song titled “beautiful”, my mind give me a quite an ease.

What if we trade our shoes? You see mine and I feel yours.

I’ve been dreaming to be somebody else who is very cool and strong. I always say to myself to write this kind of message to leave a tale of my life. All I want is to share what I feel is right. However, I don’t want to be acknowledging for everything I’ve done.I’m sucj if quite an attention. I hate those eyes see me writing it. At the moment I post it, there’s a worry that what if no one take a step to read it. No, I always motivate myself that someone is following my message. I must not stop on believing that those messages I created may change one’s life.

Yes, it can be the door to open their heart. For me, that’s the only way to touch their hearts. I’m not a guy who used to care a lot publicly. I’m a guy who loves in the best way that you and I can blend in the same room with no difference at all.


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