A Promise of Love

Promise of Love

I remembered the first time I said to myself that I would make a promise of love. It was all for her. I promised that I would be with her every moment of her life. I would be her cloth when cold strike. I would be her joy when sadness rain. I would be her everything. I would be her anything but I guess it’s too late to make a choice.

I told, “Let her be with him”. She laughed when he cracked a joke. She smiled when he held her hand. I just have to move on and take a vow.It was a one night movie in romantic scripts. But I guessed the night was going deeply forbidden to see the moon’s caress. It was awkward to stay awake. It hurt when light strike my face. I felt like I was the bomb who wanted to crush every stone I threw. For this night, I wanted to close my eyes and went to sleep.I was hoping when I opened my sight it would be a new tender.

Then, I woke up. I saw my body lying on the bed. “Hey wake up!!” I shouted. I just couldn’t seem to move my limbs. How could I feeling numb to the pain I got? It was a broken string which I could never again play the sonata. I decided to leave and walked around. Is something changed after I went to sleep? As usual, my family greeted me with smile. Still, my friends were there for me. I thought that it was real. No, it was not a dream anymore. I could get over this dumbness. I knew for sure.

Afterward, I saw a procession. I followed it without any reason. Where would it be heading? I continued walking with the rest of the crowd. My energy was inevitable to pursue my goal. I saw a cross, white houses and white blocks. Suddenly, they were crying. What this man did to make them gave their tears? It was obscured to say that he was a Hero of this generation.All loved and admired him. After the ceremony, I went to the front of the niche. I read the sign below. It said, “Rest in peace.” I paused for a moment and looked around. All was gone so impulsive. I felt pity to the man for it seemed that everyone forgot his mark. I next read the name of the man. And his name was… it was me!!!

That was the time I started to regain my consciousness. I feel that I could move my muscle little by little. I opened my eyes. What a bad dream about myself? I asked, “A promise of love?” if I was a great man, I could possibly define the promise of love. But I did know one thing, I always be me for her sake. I promised to love her with my own death. My love for her was like Jesus did to save us from our sin. Lord Jesus Christ suffered for us to be saved in this world. I know that I couldn’t be like Him. My death was just a dream while His death was eternity. I will save her.

Now, I’m alive with love on my toes. The reason when I opened my eyes every time I wake up is my own version to express the promise of love: a promise of constant love for a better tomorrow. Maybe, my words will touch her heart. I just hope that she will never forget me. May I stay in her heart forever?

I love you!!


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