Am I Deserved to be one?


What will you feel when all hates you? All the things you do don’t make a sense.

I tell jokes. They laughed about it but it brings back shot at my nerve. I’m happy to see them smile. However, the things I do just make their hatred rose up to their mind. If there’s alarm of hate, I am the one who will cause the trigger. It makes me sad because they don’t understand me for real.

J**** said, “We are not friends. We are not been classmates.”

M***and B**** asked, “hey patangal ng video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Lara said, “close ba tayo?(pero bati na kami nito hehehhe. close na kami nito)”

Roan, “you are my plastic friend. (kunyari lang din to.close na kami nito)”

Will I do something to tear them down? All I want is to show grace for everything they have done. I don’t get bronze, silver or gold when I met them. I just receive their love. It is mattered greatly into my life. I won’t be able to take a blow of hate when there’s no one to urge to hold my hand.

Tell me if I still deserve to write this mind healer.You know that it started when I fell in love with her. It sounds very sluggish. Unfortunately, it ends that all wants to seize my existence. My folks please hear me once more. Sayonara? I didn’t have a new outlet to write immense thoughts.

It hurts when my friend don’t have trust in me. For them, I was just a jerk trying to be real and fitted to every single moment of their lives. Maybe, I am just like them. I don’t see any difference between them and me. Though, they decide more and I have to take that entire grudge. Don’t say I’m a gay!! I’m only human. Sometimes there is a point where i feel left with nothing. But wait, I mustn’t think that way.

Like mero said, “I don’t care kung anong sasabihin nila. What more important that God is always there to hear and to watch your existence.Kaya just be a good servant of the Lord.”

Am I deserved to be one? I hope so….


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