Battery of Life

Last night I was looking at the analog clock. I scanned all of its part; the hands and the numbers. I was curious on why it was been worked on circle. The two hands always departed on their rotation. However, every hour they met in specific place. It depended on where the short hand was. I also noticed the great speed of the longer one. Why it had to be like that? Why they couldn’t run together? For me it didn’t make any difference. And the numbers were all sorted in ascending clockwise manner. Why it wasn’t on counter clockwise? World was a big mystery. And that very small thing we used to see may sometimes thought us good news. If we only liked to understand the purpose, we would certainly explain its worth.

The hands represent us and God. God is the long hand which leads our way. He comes in speedy life compare to us. But even if he has to be ahead, he always goes back where we are. He tries to push us little by little. We don’t feel the changes of position that makes us unaware of our factual blessings.

The numbers represent the years we accomplished with God. It is continuous process. After reaching 12, we shall walk again at 1. Life never has a second chance. As long we have faith, there will be infinite chances to live life.

That analog clock never stops moving unless the battery is worn out. However, our clock with God never stops unless we decide it to happen. God never wants to be separated to us. We are the one who makes that gap which worn out the battery of life.


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