dream and goal

nov 13, 2009

Last Tuesday i was behind on the way home with my classmates. I observed them from a distance. I heard laughter. I saw tagging. They looked like they were having fun in just walking and talking on days had g0ne by. But as we walked on, some departed to tanauan, lipa, san pablo and calamba.  Our numbers decreased every crossroads of drive. finally, i was alone waiting for a jeep at calamba. I realized what i saw back there. An overview of future was enlightened in me. Our goal is to graduate in this school and to be an engineer. What next? After graduati0n, our goal would not be the same. The goals were n0w change to Dreams. And that reason would make us scattered. In trying to find his dreams, one should pursue his own decision. Some of us may gone forever. Some will live together as one.

I may forget those faces i met. But i assured you, those backs i saw were unforgettable. This is us n0w and that is us tomorrow. Maybe, That faces and backs are our goal and dream. Godb less to you!


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