Man behind the mirror: chance


Destiny is a matter of chance. It is not a matter of choice. We live because we have the chance to stretch our spirit. It’s not because we choose it. Events are happened for a reason. Every morning, we wake up and pray for the new gifts we may receive from God. Then, we move our feet because our mind want to feel the chances of growing bold. Being bold is a sense of being true. Nothing to hide or to keep is the one that makes us feel loved and trusted.

As we feel the breeze, we take a deep breath. It’s our chance to inhale the morning airs. The evidence of truth assuages our ballistic past. It’s not a choice to appease to the breeze and to take control of our soul.

Afterward, our mind tells us to have feast at the table. We look hungry to those mouth watering foods serve for us. We don’t mind if others have none. At that moment, we just want to fill our hungry stomach. We have the chance not a choice to be greed on what feed us great fulfillment. Tell me! When do you have a choice?

We are foolish human who tries to insist we choose the right choice for our destiny. Now, let us look at the mirror to see what we believe who we really are. We see ourselves but the reflection hides what behind the mirror. We smile and pose in gratitude. Not knowing somebody is crying at the other side of the line. Can we have the courage to break the glass for us to see ourselves into pieces? Probably, we won’t! No reason for that purpose if we are perfectly happy for what have we gain for a living, and for what we see on our reflection.

Life is a matter of chance. We live because we have the chance to grab those opportunities. God gives us this too many chances to learn and to be ready for the coming of Christ. Every day is a chance to be closer to the Lord.All that we must do is only for Him. The chance we receive is the love of Christ.

God bless you.

Find your infinite chances.

Fight for things that give you choices in serving the Lord.

Think no doubt about His love.

Take the chance to be with Him.

You should never give up in praising His name.

Keep your faith upward and your head downward.


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