What is the m0st important part of the church?

The tabernacle. It is a holy sanctuary that symbolizes where the body of Christ lies.

We bow our head in this sanctuary because we respect the love of Christ. We believe that it existed: God sent his son for us to be saved.

Who is the m0st important pers0n in the church?

It is you. It is us. We are the significant evidence that God is true. We represent Christ. Jesus Christ is within our heart. We are the walking tabernacle.

If ever we see a man in fr0nt of us, we must think that Christ is in him. We should give respect and bowed our head as he walked and talked.

Happy New Year! This year, let us travel our life with Lord’s grace. Be a tabernacle with love of Christ. This year is a new chance of purp0sive life. It’s a year of respect and thanksgiving.

If ever you see a beggar, businessman, worker, etc., you must look at him as Christ is with him. Don’t judge every man that he possessed evil things because like us God is also with him.


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