Walking with Hands in my pocket

I was walking at the busy street of Calamba. I observed the place in silence with hands in my pocket.  I heard the jeepney’s horn making its noise in the road. I saw a couple sincerely hold each other. I also saw a group of people laughing at that moment. I decided to stop for awhile to wait for the P.U.J. As I stood in the midst of the sidewalk, my attention focused into my shadow. It wasn’t looked like me. Maybe, it is because it tried to inhibit certain degree of truthfulness. I thought that I couldn’t hide anything to the light that strokes me. My whole body was scattered at the floor pace. I moved on circles but my eyes didn’t stared away to my shadow. It looked strange as I changed my position.  Something was missing. I couldn’t see the shadow of my hand…

I realized that the things we hide couldn’t be seen even we put a light upon it.

This was true. In our life, we tried to have secret in ourselves. We kept it under our pride. Even though we went always in the church to confess our sin, there were some things we have done that we were afraid to tell to Him. We walked with hands in our pocket. Even the light of God stroked us, we still hardened our heart in opening our deepest secret. It may be a sort of shallow sin or complicated one.

I asked you … what would you feel when someone hides anything about himself? I was sure that you would be ashamed to that kind of personality. You may curse his entire life. And you may lose your whole trust in him.

… I put away my hands in my pocket. I looked at my shadow. I saw my little hands knocking at the floor. I glanced at my hands. I revealed it to the light. I asked myself. “What were the things I accomplished with this hand?” I stumbled with words. I lifted my head up and gazed to the other side of the highway. Then, my life flashed back in the crowded freeway. It portrayed that all I could do was pointing my fingers to everybody.

Let’s us take out the hands in our pocket and do what the Lord requires…


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