echo of life

Namaste is a common greeting in Nepal which means “I bow to you.” In modern years, its meaning grows with different definitions. Some examples used it in this manner: “I honor the spirit in you which also the spirit in me.”, “I honor the place in you where the universe dwells…”

I always remember the word “Namaste” every time I see this little girl. I have known her for four years but not as great as it is. However, as we approach in the marching years of goodbye, I have the chance to talk with her more comfortable. Now, I don’t have any fear thoughts in confronting this girl. I remember that I called her fearless because her eyes are frankly telling what she thinks.

Nevertheless, I have great time with her and I am very touched when she trust me for who I am. I can’t imagine that we’re getting closer each day that passes by. I am happy when we eat diner at chowking, kfc and Greenwich. I am grateful when we have little private chat in jeepney. All of these I keep it as treasure in my college life.

“I promise I will not be jealous.”

“I promise I will not laugh.”

“I promise I will not be angry.”

Those messages made my day so special. It is indeed a promise of friendship between us. Namaste yduts. This mind healer is for you. I honor the place in you where you and I are one. I bow my heart for your kindness, wisdom and faithfulness. I’m glad that I’ve become one of your friends.

I am always curious why other was so in love with you but now I’ve seen it. Whatever it is, I’ll keep it myself. I promise…

Now I have to step back for you to shine your way of life. But please do remember that I’m always here for you. Don’t be scared. Just smile. If one day we wake up crossing the same street again, I will take a step forward to lead your way and wait at the other side to see how you conquer all the fears and laughter for this echo of life.


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