Prayers can heal

Prayers can heal

“We felt that death sentence passed on us. But this happened so that we should rely, not on ourselves, but only on God, who raises the dead from such terrible dangers of death. He save us and will save us again. As you help us by means of your prayers for us. So it will be that the many prayers for us will be answered, and God will bless us, and many will raise their voices to Him in thanksgiving for us.” Corinthian2 1:9-11

Prayers can heal. It saves both the inner soul and physical being of a person.

There’s a time that you will face a very difficult decision. Saving life! However, as you overlook to the scenario, it’s quite impossible to resist the feeling of losing hope. You always look for future consideration of what will happen “next”. This gives you a second thought of giving up. What if he/she survives? Is his/her life being ok?

Chances are small based on study. Will it make you stop praying? Absolutely, not! In this situation, you can’t rely on yourselves or anybody’s opinion, but only on God. You must believe to God’s blessed assurance for all of His children. He will never desert you at this hour. No matter what will happen next just remember it has always been a gift. You may lose or acquired a gift. But be sure to thank God for letting you hold just for awhile to this very special gift.

If you happen to lose it, just look up and smile back. Say up above, “I know he’s/she’s watching over me. I shall not look weak.”

Moving your feet once again is a way of residing your faith to God and to His Son Jesus Christ. Go on with your life and live faithfully. You will never regret to accept what happened because you know that it’s God’s will. It has purpose that only you can hear. So listen very carefully while driving in your journey.

As long as you have gift to hold, please do take care of it. No matter what will happen next, the present is still the most important because it gives you the line of history and future. Its how will you face it that matters most?

Don’t stop believing

Don’t lose hope.

I do believe that prayers can heal.


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