Why when I look at darkness my eyes do not hurt? But when a light strikes my eyes, I can’t let it to open longer and it ends up closing my eyes where darkness lives.

I am guilty in walking away through the lights. Sometimes I feel that it is better to be surrounded by darkness than light. I mean the dark color. I feel more at ease when I look at the night sky rather than the morning sky. Now, I am writing this because I feel better tonight.

However, I realize why others choose to live in the dark side. I mean a dark side where God is not prioritized. Because I think, this logic comparison of the dark side and darkness is quite the same. I know some are having a hard time looking to lights. they are afraid for their eyes to be damaged so they often choose to close it.

Some people ignore the word of the Lord. They act like it was a stranger’s voice which calls them to live faithfully. They don’t believe for they don’t have clue.

I am quite sad for people who mistakenly choose the wrong one. God’s wisdom is indeed powerful. It also gives great fulfillment in life. But why they can’t recognize the true meaning of life? It is not about boasting the Lord’s mighty deeds. Rather, It is about creating model living life for the preparation to heavenly kingdom.

Laws and rules of teaching create a rope that binds the people’s eyes. However, people tend to escape from this bond to achieve their freedom. They are longing to get what they want to be even it takes them to the dark side. They dream and live for their imagination. They don’t realize that opening their eyes is what truly life even it hurts once in awhile.

Though, I still more amaze to the beautiful fireworks sprinkle the night sky compare to the plain cold night. Maybe, lights are not always destructing the naked eyes. Sometimes, lights are the only reason why the colorful flowers bloom in the fields.


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