mistaken identity

Mistaken identity

I’ve been writing mind healer for myself. I forget the reason why I’m doing this. As I scan my blogs about love, faith and failure, it all gives mistaken identity. I focus my writings for a girl, for my feelings and so on. I fail to remember that I do it for others to inspire. A mistaken identity is created every time I write through my mind because it is quite measurable of mistake. I take all things as negative.

I inspired to write when I need to open up my feelings. I’m hoping someone is reading it and may lift me up in this down stair of life. Unfortunately, no one does. But I’m not regretting what I’ve done. However, I do admit that I need a change in writing those mind healers. It will not be only based about myself or love for a girl. Rather, I’ll write to inspire and to speak my heart. It’s hard to change the style of my writing but for a better me, I do need this change.


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