perfectly good

Why do some people get irritated very quickly to other’s attitude? But when they are the one who commits it, they think its okay. Why don’t they look up to themselves? Who really they are? Those people love to shout to other’s fault. They want to know them that they are indeed to be the boss. Some not all, they quite pissed me off.

They always do what they want. And sometimes they don’t appreciate very well for others,  don’t encourage other person to be lifted up and put their colleague down until he/she’s under the crust.

They are the boss of this new generation. Maybe, this is a wakeup call to anyone who is in this state of mind. Being moody at all time is not a good attitude. Being angry at all time is not a good vibes. I know they think that they are blessed because people around them give respect and care. However, they must always remember that life is an echo. Everything reflects with their actions.

Not all times, life is on their side. Life doesn’t revolve around them. And one important essence of life which they missed is to live as God is in their heart. They forget that each and everyone have a heart and love of the Lord. If they won’t respect others, they won’t respect the love that God want them to embark.


I know that it is their attitude towards life: to be the boss, to be unappreciative, to be on the edge of putting other down.

But wake up, it is not the end to change that kind of attitude. I know that I’m not in the position to give advice because even me has a difficulty dealing with this demon in my mind. But as we all hold hand together, you’ll see that we could defeat this. And we may live as God is in our heart. We may not be perfect to others’ eyes. But remember this, in the eyes of the Lord, we are perfectly good.


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