reasons behind all the hauling

Thank you and sorry

I always say sorry for everything I’ve done wrong. I do not notice that i repeat it simultaneously. It seems some people got irritated to it. And i can’t help myself to think for setting aside this word “sorry”. Maybe, if I will be careful to my words and actions, it will be a new me.  No one will be got irritated. And everything can be back to the same routine. There will be no pretention of hate on their eyes. It’s felt bad when someone have a grudge to me.  In order to get back up, I always assess myself. And everything I’ve d0ne doesn’t make sense at all. Dina said to me that I don’t know where to crack a joke and to be serious. If I will be like that, she said, you will lose something important. It’s the smile of my friend.

Hate seems inevitable to fight. All people possess it deep inside their heart. Some can easily express it without a doubt. Some keep it to themselves and let it die with their tears.

I’m the latter one. It seems I have to admit that I keep everything to myself.  But I realize its n0t a good attitude. I can’t keep every expectati0ns into my hand. It only gives hate into my heart. And that’s the time loneliness have the chance to attack me. And emotions spread over my room. But living in those four corners of the room only generates thoughts of sadness. I don’t like to be in that room anymore. I want to get out in this cage. But how? This sorry life I have right now can’t be a helpful hand anymore. It’s m0re to be a burden. I don’t want them to feel it as I walk through their life. I want them to win over that sadness I bear in their hearts. I need to be a get away and not a mere r0om.

As I remember, I have written this mind healer to express my heart to wilmins. And it continues afterwards without the same purpose. I have gone a long way with this mind healer. But it never changes my life as I want them to change their life.  My mind healer which is dedicated to mina is quite full of love. I am in love. And that love creates a get away to Lord’s guidance. I always have to pray for her guidance. That time, I don’t get even have time to be closer to mina, so I decided to pick up this pen and write everything for her to be c0ntented in life. I thought a bread of wisdom will be a great gift in her great life.  And God never bring me down. Now she is more happy than before and far m0re to reach her hand. At first, I admit, I feel sorry again for n0t having her at my side. I’m quite sad. Then, My mind urges different purpose to write again. Suddenly, it lets me forget all the love I started before. I miss those feelings to write just because I’m simply inspired by her smile.
Sorry life is still clinging the door. Those mind healers I’ve done lately don’t have the same love as before. I write through all the sadness, pain and hate of my life. Mind healer reflects the emotions I keep. It must be read between the lines. The result is that some people do not enjoy reading it. And my effort is put to waste.
Maybe, this is the time to set aside these sorry lines. And recreate it by the word thank you. People give “thank you” when they learn, gain, achieve and receive greatness in their life. I decide to have this “thank you” word to a different perspective. If some0ne has done wrong to me, I’ll say thank you for giving me that kind of em0tions, for giving a different taste of life and for teaching me to be strong in facing my difficulties. And if someone has done great to me, I’ll say thank you for everything you’ve shared into my life.


Sorry lines are not the way to get back up. Maybe there’s a better word to say. And it’s “thank you”.

Thank you for the things we’ve shared. I know not all of it is great and mostly you’ve hate me more. But I do know one thing, every sorry I made is sincere and true. I keep on saying sorry because I treasure you most. And I’m afraid to lose you. But now I’ve learned my mistake that sorry can’t heal the wounds. It only gives a first aid cure. Like the song of Elton john says, sorry seems to be the hardest word because it shall be acted upon with the word thank you consistently.

Tnx a lot. This is me. For sure, you will understand me better than before. And if not, I got one line to say to you. And it’s “sorry for not saying thank you lately”. Oopps, I did it again. Hehehe..  Well thank you…  and it’s for real… God bless


One thought on “reasons behind all the hauling

  1. Yuujin says:

    OK lang yan. Ako nga sabi nila paulit-ulit na nagsasabi ng “salamat” o kaya “thank you”.

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