Love me for a reason and let the reason be loved.

Love God above anything else.

Reason is the answer in every “why” questions.

Why are we here on earth?

It is because we are set here to proclaim and praise God and His son Jesus Christ. This is our preparation place for the coming of Christ. We are the visitors of this world. Our real kingdom will only be found in heaven with the Lord’s presence.

Why we must follow Him?

It’s because there’s a part of our heart that urges us to follow what we think is right. Not so much explanation is needed because once we believe about His wisdom that’s the time we learn to love and to trust other people.

Why shall we keep the faith?

It’s because He wants us to live in holiness. He sends great saints for us to open our eyes in His everlasting love. We must keep the faith with open arms. We must ready to wear ourselves with breast plate of faith so that spears can’t hurt our heart badly.

Why the title of this mind healer is 12:12?

It is because one two: one two and twelve: twelve is just equivalent. It’s based to the person who will read it. The first one is read per variable while the latter is read wholly. It implies that reason can be read in different ways. No matter what is the meaning of it, it is still held with the same reason for the kind of reasoning which someone wants.

Love God for a reason and let His reason be loved.


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