What was about this battlefield? Bombs exploded! I didn’t know how to get over this. Should I pull the trigger to kill those villains? No stop! My conscience tried to interfere. What would I do? Stop me!


My heart ached as I saw the miserable picture. Bodies were lying at the floor. The whole place was deserted with blood. I tracked down my fellow soldiers. Where would they be? I climbed the cliff to have the overview of the scenery. Then I knelt down. I closed my eyes and started to pray for forgiveness.

For all this years, I tried to be a soldier yet I couldn’t protect and save others. At the last second, I decided to pull the trigger to judge those villains. My heart froze for awhile. I felt the guilt for what I had done. My conscience spoke to me like I was the one who caused the whole thing.

As i opened my eyes, I saw the rainbow above the mountains. I sighted hope. I stood and thanked God for His mercy on me.


I’m sorry. I almost acted like those villain. I’m sorry for the bullets i shot to hurt you. Maybe, I can correct my mistake. Please give me another chance. Try to understand that i have also my weakness.

Let me lend you a hand. It’s great to feel that you are near in my heart… You are the soldier.

“Sorry seems to be the hardest word”

Here’s my salute.

Keep it up… you are a great person indeed… hehehehe


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