Every time I finished reading a chapter of a book, I always put a bookmark. For me, a bookmark gave me an ease to find the pages which I’d lost.

You can also be a bookmark. Someday, you will learn to mark truthfully in one’s life. Even in a simple way, I believe you will leave something valuable for them and it will make you as gift which will bring good gestures and faith. I know for sure when I turn the pages of my life you will be there to rebuild my own reason for a living.

I write this message to thank you for the day you have been a bookmark to my life. I definitely surrender my respect to you. As this chapter ends, I solemnly take kneel and bow my head to ask you if you’re willing to take another chapter with me.


My Lord Jesus Christ, please let us be with you in the heavenly kingdom You have been promised. Blessed the chapters of our life together forever, amen


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