rich man was driving his jaguar. It was a majestic car that everyone get its attention. He was very proud to his automobile. One day while driving, he heard a wild scratch on the side of the car that made him a sudden stop. He got out to the car and saw children playing. He grabbed who was nearest to him. The child cried in outburst. He told to the kid, ” it was a precious car. You cant even imagine what damage you’ve done. It cost a million.”. The child defended why he done it. Tears fell down on the child’s cheek, and he point to the front side of the car. A child was lied down on the floor. The kid said, “my brother fell on his wheel chair. I didn’t know who to ask for help. And throwing bricks were the only thing that i knew to make u stop.”. The rich man couldnt utter a word. The kid held his brother to the wheelchair and thanked the rich guy for stopping. The man watch the two walk away without m0ving his entire body.

Sometimes, we are very busy in our schedule. We forget to laugh, to smile, to walk, to stretch our spirit and to attend church thanksgiving. We converge ourselves to assignment, exam, sports, leisure and entertainment that gives us stress. This make us unproductive towards life.

I’m n0t saying that to put it all aside. I’m pointing out the affect of being busy that diverge our relation to God. However, stopping is n0t the answered in being closer to Him but rather continue what you have started. Pursue your own pleasures and purposes and this time let God lead your way. Win or lose, praised God.

Dont go life so fast that someone has to throw a brick to get your attenti0n.

God whispers to us. we refuse to listen that He has to throw a bricks on us.

Listen to the whisper or wait for the bricks.


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