There was an old carpenter who wanted to retire. He said it to his employer-contractor. The contractor felt sad about it because he was one of the prime carpenters of the company. To return his debt, the contractor asked him a favor. He wanted the old man does one more job. The carpenter was not in the mood in accepting work but he didn’t want to pull down his employer’s trust. So he accepted it even he wanted just to put his attention to his family. He’s focus is not in the vicinity.

It was a bad work for a man who would have a retirement project. He even used inferior material for the house. He built the house recklessly without thinking the outcome. After the house was done, the contractor visited it. He checked the overall foundation. Then, he lended a key to the carpenter and said, “This is now your house. This is my gift for long years of your service.”

The carpenter was shocked. If he knew that it was for him, he would do it more differently and seriously.

It is in us. We build our lives without thinking its outcome. We forget that we shall ready in every opportunities in life. Life is a do-it-yourself project. If we don’t do our best, we may regret the results ahead.  So take every opportunity like it was your last chance. Because in the end the house that you’re trying to build is the house you will be living in.

If we think that way, we will never shock to life. And the quote that you will utter is “let it be because I’m ready.”  Still be glad when things don’t reach your expectation because that’s way make you surprise.

God bless to you!!


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