Gun for Roses

 had watched news about guns with encrypted bible verse. The video showed the verses found in guns made by trijicon. This was a religious matter to be analyzed carefully. It tackled two different aspects: power and faith.

Guns were usually used in battle to proclaim great power. It revealed the achievement of mankind for security and progress. It surely lent space and respect for someone who utilized its power. However, it could shadow the pain and sorrow of the victims who indicted by these firearms. This caused war and destruction. A man who had advanced gun would certainly win the battle for sure. So we must remember that great power came with great responsibility.

There was a conflict between faith and power. A gun and bible could not be put in homogenous perspective. The first caused us great joy for others’ pain because we tried to save ourselves for own satisfaction. Once we learned to hold a gun that was the time we put ourselves closer to sin. The latter built pleasure with love without stepping to each other’s grave. We learned not to hold something but we learned to share our thoughts for inspiration. It was just sad to hear that God’s words were used to be strength of a soldier to generate pain. God would never want us to kill and to fear weak people to show He was indeed powerful.

Maybe, if ever that a soldier faced the situation of life and death and he saw the verse from the bible in his gun, a Christian would risk his life to save his fellow brothers and sisters. And this may be good news for those who were a believer; a great peace would conquer the feet and mind of the world. No bullets would come up in the battle.

However, sometimes greed ate the nutrition of faith. It caused selfishness and jealousy. Although it was hard to move in and out of acceptance, one should try not to oversee great things and be contented for the blessings received. Guns were indeed attracting the interest of man in order to achieve authority. In the end, man always won in the battle with his conscience. And the result was those splendor roses under those footsteps.


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