How to Assemble Life?


Last Monday, I together with my classmates visited the Amkor technologies. The company was on the field of assembly and testing IC. Mrs. Nilda Mendoza was the person in charge to guide us around the area. Before we started, she let us watched a video regarding Amkor’s vision and mission, and some achievement they had for past years. Afterward, she showed us every process of assembly. She explained clearly the details we must know about packaging IC. It ended nicely. We hadn’t encountered problems and knots of misunderstanding.


1. Wafer Cutting– this is the separation of die in the wafer.

2. Die Attachment– it is the attachment of dice in the sheet.

3. Baking– a process that strengthens the quality of the products in environment stresses.

4. Bonding– process of providing wire interconnection from the device bond pads to package lead.

5. Traceability: giving the names or identification of the IC.

6. Final Visual inspection

Reflection of the processes in our life:

1. Sin Cutting– it is the separation of sinful deeds in everyday journey. In order to prepare oneself to be closer to the Lord, one shall stop everything forbidden under God’s command.

2. Jesus Attachment– Be attach to the wisdom Jesus taught. Be faithful to Him. It requires your life. Love Him more than anyone else.

3. Praying– when you became faithful to Jesus, you will be learning to pray. Prayers will be your strength to the stresses of life. It will strengthen your spiritual gift. There’s no other bakers who is greater than Jesus Christ. He is the best of the greatest.

4. Bonding with God– in this stage, you provide a wire to interconnect your heart to God’s love. The wire which is used has a very strong bond that can’t let you fall in the hell. It cannot melt easily. It gives everlasting hand to hold you above.

5. Eternal Mark– Mark your life with the name of Jesus Christ. This stage neither use ink or laser marking. You engrave your life by what will you do. This is a critical stage. One must know how to live according to purpose. Everybody has their own way to glorify God. Therefore, you must know yourself to what mark suits you.

6. Judgment day– Be ready to be judged on the deeds you have done in the past. This is where you will accept or be rejected. This is the time that He will show mercy. And the only shirt you must have in front of Him is faith.

Now you know how to assemble your life.

It’s now the time to ask you:

Will you join me to package this world?

Join me to change attitude towards life.

Join me to be a fortress of this generation.

You and i can be an entourage in proclaiming love.

Amplify own rectitude.

God bless to you!


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