I’m a soldier

I’m a soldier. I stand at the front line.

I must be the role model of this army to lead them in righteousness. So I push this gun towards the horizon expecting to hit anyone who causes sin. I know my enemies are marching behind to conquer the boarder of my life. I must be aware of the consequences of guilt. Maybe i can kill them though. I just can’t swift them off quickly so i decide to pick this paper. I need to write what I feel before the canons bring havoc in my dream.

I’m a soldier. i protect! All of a sudden, I’m the one who causes the pain. I shot the enemies and see them fell down on their knees. Is there any way to protect without hurting others? Or I just can’t decipher what really the order to me.

I’m a soldier. I’m ready to die as soon I get the order. Nobody can stop me in pursuing my assignment. I don’t have doubt to fulfill my duties and responsibilities. I have the full control in the situation. I never think to kill and to hurt just to protect somebody.

My composure is never left out. I think and I act. I pray and i ask.

I promise to serve as a soldier of Christ. I don’t want to take this too hard and cause misinterpretation. A slow march is enough to show sincerity towards Him. I don’t need those fire arms around my shoulder just to show His power. All things which make hatred must be surrendered to the highest crown. I can fight with my own hands with Him. I can beat it. I’m sure I will.

As a soldier, I’ll always save other’s life without waiting in return. I love my duty. My words are my responsibility. Now, you may sit down and listen to the tale of my heart that I’m about to tell. It’s your conscience that surely understands it. Know that conscience is a gift from the Lord which gives you more time to think and make great decisions.

God bless to you…


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