Law and Faith

i was reading the bible and it told on how to be save from this world. The old testament implied that following the laws were the way to holy life. It was the ten commandment. If we followed this commandment we would put right with God.

The laws tried to open us to what is wrong and what is right. Although those law was sent by God, there was still the greater way to be save above else.

It was the faith to Jesus Christ. Whoever believed in Him would have eternal life. His son descended from heaven to free us on slavery of laws and brings us the promise which was told to abraham long time ago.

But it didn’t mean to do n0t obey the law anymore, it showed only that having faith with Jesus Christ is enough reason to be save.

Laws were for slave.

Jesus freed us.

Indeed, we were meant to live with Him faithfully. Your faith would be judged in how deep it was.

Read Galatians for additional message. The above was not a summary rather my understanding. Read it to have a best explanation .


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