Look What’s inside!

I had received many gifts from my friends and family. I wondered why I still got surprised in opening those little ones. It was covered in a gift wrapper or paper bag. Sometimes it was given to me boldly.

I remembered the first toy I’d got, a toy car. I wondered how I expressed my thanks to them. I was a little kid and a simple gift made me happy for the rest of the week.

Those gifts I had received were gradually faded in my memories. I could hardly tell what the things I had lately. But I had learned a lot from those. I learned that there was a better gift than just gift.

I received a gift and opened it excitedly. Afterwards, I became disappointed from my expectation. I couldn’t help myself from thinking “what if it’s not”. I was lost as I dreamt something big. I thought that I deserved more than anyone else.

It took hundred gifts before I realized that true gift was the love which someone set in to those little things called gift.


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