Moon and Thumb

Our thumb is always larger than the moon when we coincide to its size. Wherever you are, it will only be the same.

If I will go far away from you, please look at the night sky and spot your thumb into the moon and think that I’ll always there at the other side. I’m also looking at that bright full moon. I know it’s hard to hear the silence of the night without me at your side.

I’m sorry if I’ll have to move apart. It is not my own decision to be far from you. Maybe it’s just happened that I’m on the process of achieving my dream. Don’t think that I want to have this situation. Before I sleep to this lonely night, I’ll guide all the stars above to shine for you.

Don’t be sad for every turn of your life, there’s a light that will lead your way. I’m always here for you. Don’t let me go. I love you.

To her..


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