I have watched the killer whales hunting technique at discovery channel. It’s quite amazing on how they catch their prey. It looks like that they plan everything out because even dolphins which consider as a sea genius can’t escape to these killers.

What I’ve learned from them is that communication and cooperation are two important ingredients for the betterment of life. What the use of knowledge if no one cooperates? What is the meaning of ideas if no one hears it?’

We have great things running in our mind. However, not all of it has the opportunity to be accepted by the society. Majority always wins. Being good or bad is not that important. It’s what will benefit for most.

If we learn how those whales look the way of success, I believe nothing is impossible. We just have to cooperate to one another and listen to every sentiment of our voices.

Don’t live life alone, we have comrades to fight for our dreams. Remember, we are always a great leader of ourselves and a good follower of others.

Happy new year… Godbless


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