Things are temporary possession. Last Saturday, typhoon Ondoy destroyed lots of properties in Luzon. It flooded some area which were shallow and near the water reservoir. All of the people who were affected shouted a cries and regrets to the things they had lost. However, they still thanked God for saving them to near death.

What I’ve learned is don’t settle for the things you hold and see but seek the truth which can’t ever imagine by naked eyes and mind. Things you can see may be gone in a second. Things you can hold may be stolen in a second. But your faith and love can never be ripped in your heart. And it must be kept and shared to others openly. The foundation of our life must be with Jesus Christ. He will never abandon us in the middle of flood of sins, faith slide, corrosive love and eroded spirit. We must not desire the things that satisfy our personal need. Indeed, we must desire how to satisfy the love of God.

Think great things you can’t imagine.

september 30, 2009


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