I’ve Finally Seen Those Great Smile.

Congrats shy,

I’ve Finally see those great Smile.

You know na kaw ung isa sa pinakamalapit kung kaibigan nong High School. I always look up you as one of my friend who I really count on whenever I got troubled. Yeah..

Naisipan ko lang gawan ka ng Wedding message for you. I did not know na kakasal ka na this Feb 8. Katampo. di mo man lang sinabi ng nagreet kita to one of your very special moment of your life. hehe.

Naalala ko pa si Paul. Well, I know from the start that he will take a good care of you.

I remember nong nagkatext kami ni Paul, well sabi ko sa kanya na alagaan ka nya kasi kaw ung pinaka malapit kung kaibigan eh. Ayoko na makita ka malungkot or nasasaktan ka pa like yung previous relationship mo.(drama haha) Then, He replied, “I will! don’t worry i love shy more than you’ll ever know. and thanks for being there for shy always.” (ganyan ung thought, pero di ko alam ung exact wordings.

It has been long that I’ve waited to see those smiles. talagang talaga noh. congrats.

Nong napanood ko ung video nong wedding nyo, huwaw sobrang happy ako for you. Sobrang na-excite din sapagkat this is another chapter of your life. and I believe it will be a great journey for you and Paul.

Sabi sayo eh “When God is the Center of Your Relationship, It will create infinite blessings not only for you but also for all the people surround you.”

So, hintayin ko mameet yan si Paul ha. Pakilala mo sa akin yan. Para maging friend din kami like we always do. apir.

Godbless you Shy!


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